Friday, October 12, 2007

Sweet Slumber

To say Miles is not sleeping well would be an understatement. For the past month or so he has been waking two to three times a night, rising at the blessed hour of 5:30 am and trying desperately to give up naps. I'm lucky if he gives me two half hour cat naps each day. I'm tired, he's tired, and we're both grumpy.

When Tony and I built our house we decided not to install a lot of bathtubs; I hate to clean them, don't really love soaking in them, and shower curtains kind of creep me out. We really only have one tub, which is a large whirlpool bath in our master bathroom. The expanse of the tub makes it difficult to bathe a baby in, so Miles has been bathed exclusively in the kitchen or laundry room sink until a few months ago. Since that time he has been a shower baby.

Everytime I turn the shower on he gets excited and starts pounding on the glass door. We get in together and I scrub him first, then set him down on the shower floor to play while I clean myself. He LOVES the water and gleefully crawls in and out of the stream, splashing and opening his mouth to catch errant droplets. He is so happy in fact, that usually I get myself out, dry off a bit, and bundle up in my robe before I retrieve him.

Today was no different. He happily played while I shampooed. I jumped out, brushed my teeth quickly and grabbed a towel to bundle him up in. I opened the door and found him sitting right beneath the full stream of water, completely sound asleep. Just for a moment I wondered how much hot water was left in the tank...I mean this kid REALLY needs a nap. And even though crawling back into my own bed was very appealing, the mommy in me quickly scooped him up and felt guilty for leaving him, though it was only for a minute.

I fully expected him to wake up having caught his five minute power nap, but when I layed him down to diaper him, he sighed and threw his arms up over his head. He was out cold. I carefully lay him in his crib, not wanting to risk waking him by putting his clothes on. I added an extra blanket to ward off the morning chill and quietly watched as his features softened in peaceful slumber.


Brooke said...

i am jealous of miles-- i want a semi-nude, post-shower, soft blanket over me, mid-morning nap. ahhhh. sounds heavenly!

how long did he sleep anyway?

roderickmom said...

You have to laugh.He has to love the water to be so relaxed as to fall asleep while water is running onhiyou have to lovem.

Melissa said...

That would've been a great pic...him sound asleep under the shower! How cute is that!

Christine said...

I agree with Melissa...I would have loved to see a picture of him sleeping in the cute..

Rachel said...

Oh cute little Miles. I can just picture it! My kids have fallen asleep in a few funny unexpected palces before too, and as their mothers we do all we can to keep it that way! Cute story! Have a good one!

Jen Sampson said...

I love babies. I don't miss the not sleeping part... but the yumminess (if that is a word) is what I miss the most. Enjoy him grumpy or not. You should have taken a pic.