Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Secksy Birthday

Happy 11th Birthday to my sweet son Cole.

Sunday he told me to wear my high heels because he thought they were "Secksy".

Tonight as I tucked him in I told him how I loved his cockney accent, the way he cuddles his brother, the energy and laughter he brings to our home. I love his tender heart, his goofy stories and silly impressions. I love his easy affection, his dedication, his compassion.

"And Mom" he said, "I love you because you're Secksy."

I can't decide if I should be flattered or worried. I know he just says it to make me laugh, and the word itself probably feels a bit naughty to him. But really, it just makes him seem so old.

Stop growing up already.


Brooke said...

you really are. secksy you know.

and i love that picture.

roderickmom said...

I can,t believe he is so old . It really does seem like yesterday that he was born. and oh boy, what special young man he is. and what a secksy , great mom and dad he has.