Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Poet in the House

I hesitate to post this lest my blog turn into an ongoing tribute to Coley. But I can't resist sharing this poem Cole wrote as part of a class assignment:


Lazy, Funny, Athletic, Crazy

Son of Tony & Jill, Brother of Rachel and Miles

Lover of sports, Utah Utes, and the San Diego Chargers

Who feels happy, confused and energetic

Who needs sports, playstation, soda and food

Who fears aliens, hobos and crazy people in straight jackets

Who admires Ladanian Tomlinison, my Dad, and Lance Armstrong

Who would like to see the San Diego Chargers play, the Tour de France, and Australia

Who likes to wear basketball shorts, t-shirts and hats

Who finds happiness in monkeys, squirrels and my little brother

Resident of Utah



Melissa C- said...

He is so cute Jill...can't believe how big our kids are getting.

Brooke said...

is he a budding writer? and taking after his mama?

Anonymous said...

Hey this kid can do you think you can send him over to my house to write an executive summary for a proposal I am working on when he finishes his homework?


Tip Junkie said...

He's so handsome. What a great tribute to your little man.

Mom said...

What a great poem. I would say he takes after his mom. Whata talent.