Saturday, September 22, 2007

Put Your Game Face On

Today was Cole's fourth football game of the season. That's right, once again I'm blogging about Cole. Ahhh....Cole. He's just so darn yummy right now that I can hardly resist. Next week I'll blog about cute Rachel or Silly Miles or grumpy Tony or a myriad of other things, but just for tonight it's about Coley.

So we head clear out to Grantsville to watch Cole play in the pouring rain. As we were packing up the car to leave, Cole asked me to grab the camera. I declined telling him that I didn't want to ruin it in the rain.

"But Mom" he lamented, "today I'm going to get a touchdown." Yeah. Uh-huh. Sure you are you little first timer you. It's not that I don't have confidence in Cole or in his abilities, but he is, after all, a beginner.

Imagine my surprise and delight then, when Cole was handed the ball and proceeded to take a beautiful 15 yard run right into the end zone. Touchdown! And then of course instant tears pricking at my eyes.

Tony and I laughed as we watched him celebrate with his team-mates. He immediately searched us out on the sideline trying to secure eye contact. Tony gave him the thumbs up, I blew him a kiss and he grinned from ear to ear.

On the very next possession, Cole had another great play as he caught a very-lopsided 10 yard pass securing the first down. Again, the grin and the twinkle in his blue eyes so bright I could see the sparkle from clear across the field.

It happens every time Cole makes a good play, a happy little smirk curls against his lips and slowly a smile creeps across his face. Offense, defense, blocking, tackling, catching, running, it really doesn't matter; he simply loves being out there and the joy is evident on his face each and every time he plays.

During half time, Tony teasingly told Cole to "try and look a little mean out there." But I honestly don't think it's possible for Cole to put his game face on and play the part of big, tough football player. He's having too much fun.....As are we.

Alta Crimson 26 Grantsville 6


touchdown king :) said...

mom thanks for bloging me again, oh and next game bring your camera im going to get a nother touchdown.

love your son touchdown king

Rachel said...

Cole cole cole. All about Cole. Just Kidding!

Your BFF said...

Cole has always had a hard time hiding his excitement for his athletic accomplishments. Lacross goals, baskets his 1st touchdown. I was reminded of this as he trotted over to the sidelines after the pass that he caught, biting his lip so as to hide a big smile from his tough teamates. "Hey, no big deal" he wanted to say. But he knew it was a big deal for his Dad and Mom.

Melissa C- said...

Isn't it great that we have such wonderful kids that we can gush about? Good for you Cole, by the way, I can't believe he's 11!

Rachel said...

Wow - what a handsome young man. I can't believe he's 11 either - then again I can't believe McKayla is almost 13. Yikes - I remember when they use to play together? Good times. Hey Cole - way to play-maybe you can play for the mighty Cougars someday (you better check with the folks on that one...hee, hee)- keep up the good work.
P.S. to little Rachel(as Cambria would say)- your darling and we love reading about all that's going on with you! Oh, and XOXO to cute baby Miles!

Anonymous said...

Cole is so much fun to hear about. Life is good for him and I am so proud of him for many reasons but, mostly because he is a really good kid.

Brooke said...

i thought i was your bff!

hee hee.

yay for cole! i'm sure it's just the first of many...

Jill said...'re my new bff or nbff. You and I are still in the dating stage.

Tony is my for life bff of flbff...he's passed all the tests, no need for interviews and dating.

Ha! Besides I can't compete with you bff ceej. hee hee. At least I get included on lunch occassionally, and really, what more could a girl want?