Wednesday, September 12, 2007

By Number

13 Years

156 Months

4745 Days

1 Condo

2 Homes

3 Children

1 Dog

9 Cars

8 Bikes

3 Degrees

4 Jobs

1 Business

4 Lotoja Bike Races

7 Kidney Stones

2 IVF's

2 Ruptured Achilles Tendons

1 Problem Liver

Thousands of Joyful Moments

Inifinitely More Laughter than Tears

2 Imperfect People


One Sweet Happy Life



Christine said...

That was the most adorable thing I have read in a really long time!!!Happy anniversary and we missed you at lunch yesterday..hope everything with your mom is ok.

Brooke said...

the sweetest, happiest post.

i got a lump in my throat.


& happy anniversary!

Mom said...

you do have a Sweet Happy Life and the best is you do recognize it.

Rachel said...

Dear Jill & Tony - Happy Anniversary! Loved the breakdown - it was fun to read. Congratulations and celebrate big tonight - you deserve it!

Melissa C- said...

What a cute idea, loved it! Happy have lots to celebrate. Talk to you when I get back in town.

Carlee said...

You are soo creative as usual! I know you've been to many book clubs in your day..My friends and I are having our first one next week and I am the host. Do you have any fun websites, any general ideas on how to run it?? I've never had the book club experience..You still need to send me your fav blog links..

heather said...

That was a very sweet post! You sound very happy... and real. ;) -a friend of brookes