Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I'm tired.

10:00 pm: Tony and I crawled into bed both dog tired from a stressful day. I fell asleep before they finished talking about the miners on the news.

12:09 am: Miles is up with teething pain. Spent 25 minutes rocking him, feeding him and finally whipping out the infant tylenol.

2:11 am: Cole comes crashing through our bedroom door "I'm going to throw up!". Why that kid comes all the way upstairs to throw up in our bathroom rather than in his own bathroom RIGHT NEXT TO HIS BED, I'll never understand. Luckily he made it to the toilet this time.

Spent the next 45 minutes laying with Cole in his bed rubbing his back, trying to get him to go back to sleep. Listening to Cole tell me all the reasons he hates to throw up and feeling sicker by the minute...yuck, too much of a visual.

Finally, sleep comes and as I tip-toe out of the bedroom he whispers "Thanks for laying with me mom."

2:57 am: Back in my own bed but consumed with thoughts of all the disinfecting I must do in the morning, all the places Cole has touched, the things he's played with, the things he's layed on. Also feeling terribly guilty because I purposely rubbed his back instead of cuddled with him...trying to avoid getting flu germs on me. I'm a complete germaphobe and I'm ashamed to admit I have a hard time showering my kids with affection when their puking their guts out. That's Tony's job...and he does it very well.

4:44 am: Miles is cooing and writhing in his crib. I spend 45 minutes trying to cajole him back to sleep. Two bottles, two rounds of his musical mobile, two walks around the house and 20 minutes in the rocker to no avail.

5:35 am: Tony relieves me and takes the baby. Ahhh....sweet slumber.

7:45 am: I'm up, albeit a bit groggy. Lysol and I have a date.


Tami said...

Eli started throwing up Sunday night around 2 am and hasn't kept anything down since. Why does it always happen in the middle of the night? I hope Cole gets better fast. Something is going around.

Brooke said...

and chloe was last night around 1!

Jill said...

Hmmm....wonder how the Halls are faring and if we all infected each other on Sunday night. Sources tell me this flu lasts for a week and horrible horrible diarrhea is in our not so distant future. Rubber gloves anyone?

Carlee said...

Looks like all the Roderick children inherited grandma's great gagging reflex! My dad can barely stand taking out the garbage without throwing up, and we know how he is an obsessive germaphobe!! Your previous night made me exhausted just reading it!!Hope you were able to catch up on some Zzzz's.
pss, I made your thai chicken wraps..they were amazing!!

Anonymous said...

..and noah at 5:52 am. Oh how misery loves company.......but i pity you all! Will we all be off the hook come 'flu season'? one can only hope! best wishes to you all.