Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Three More...

I have a TINY bit of stress going on in my life right now. The kind of thing that keeps me up at night with feelings of anxiety and sorrow. I'm testing the whole "gratitude journal" theory to see if being grateful lessens my burdens. So I offer three more moments of happiness:

1. This morning Cole spent some time with me going into elaborate details about the scary dream he had last night. Unfortunately, Tony and I were quickly killed off and it was left to Cole to defend his younger siblings. Here is where I mention that Cole has a lot of football practicing testosterone on deck. I smiled when Cole told me he tried everything to get the bad guys to stop shooting....even hugging the main guy. But to no avail. Finally, he ran as fast as he could pushing Miles and Rachel in the stroller (think football...running sprints)to the lake where he quickly rowed them away to safety. A happy ending.

"But Mom," Cole lamented, "Three kids is a lot of responsibility."

Yeah, Kiddo, some days the thought of taking care of three kids kind of freaks me out too.

2. Yesterday Rachel insisted on going with me to the Doctor and to run a few errands. Knowing it would be a long morning, I tried to discourage her. But she insisted: "I don't want you to be alone Mom. I think you need my company."

Happy tears this time as I know she so clearly sees my aching heart and tries to bandage my feelings with her bright disposition.

Rachel happily chatted with me all morning long; she did her best to help load and unload baby Miles and even wanted to know if she should hold my hand during my doctor visit. Happy am I for a sweet daughter who so lovingly mothered me yesterday.

3. This morning, Miles, my very reluctant eater, ate an entire jar of Gerber's Banana-Apple-Strawberry blend. He was as a baby bird, quickly swallowing and opening his mouth for the spoon over and over again. He chirped, he cooed, he sneezed a mouthful of bananas all over my shirt, and then giggled in delight at my surprise. After he finished he found two dime sized drops of baby food on the granite counter and delicately fingerpainted through the food with his index finger. He has just discovered his pincher grasp and it is amazing to watch him manipulate his tiny fingers so carefully.

Three happy things, three beautiful children. More than a happy coincidence, of this I am sure.

4. One more for good measure....I had a homemade brownie and a Diet Coke at 9:00 am this morning. Stress eating at it's very finest, but hey, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.


Brooke said...

sounds like a perfect breakfast to me...

and a perfect sweet little family. i love that rachel went with you!

Brooke said...

1. i'm grateful for you
2. i'm grateful you like to eat with me
3. i'm grateful for your cute blog.

whaddya know? it works. i feel better already!

whitney said...

i love a girl who will drink diet coke before 10!!!

Jill said...

Diet Coke before 10 am is a subject worthy of an entire post on this blog. Addiction is an understatement.

Jwill said...

i hope you don't mind, i saw you were one of brooke's peeps and a fellow jill and i got curious.
your post made me smile...a reminder to notice the little things that our little people do that are amazingly simple and perfect.
p.s. my kids and i started our day with a little chocolate this morning. mm mm mm