Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Three Things

These three things made me smile today:

1. I received the funniest email from my friend Heather. It wasn't a funny forward or joke. It was just Heather being Heather....offering her running commentary on a screwy situation I have going on right now. She just nailed it, she got it right and it made me laugh out loud for a good ten minutes. Not just a chuckle, but gut busting, tear rolling, hand slapping laughter. Love that girl, my sister from another mister. Love that she can so easily see through to the heart of the matter and alleviate my stress with a few well timed, well chosen words.

2. As I was driving to Park City to pick up Rachel from her dance convention, a major storm was blowing through the area. Rain was coming down in sheets. The kind of rain that makes you happy to be safe and dry in your car because even your windshield wipers can't keep up. It was torrential, and included clapping thunder and lightning. Just above Kimball Junction I spotted a flashing sign on the side of the side of the road that read "Severe Drought. Conserve Water." I giggled at the irony. As I got closer to the sign I could finally see through the rain and noticed a bunch of teenagers posing for a picture with the sign. Classic.

3. Cole and Rachel haven't seen each other since Monday night. Tonight, as Cole walked in the door from water skiing with friends he immediately called out to see if Rachel was home. I took a minute to eavesdrop on their conversation as they caught up with one another. It reminded me of two old friends sharing a story. Later as I was folding laundry, Cole lay on the bed playing with Miles.

"Did you miss your sister?" I asked.

"Mom, I'm sad to say that I really, really did." he replied, a bit embarrassed.

I'm not sad Cole. Not one bit. So glad to see a genuine friendship forming between them. Not just a we have to tolerate each other because we're siblings relationship, but an honest to goodness, true blue friendship.

A nice ending to a long day.


Carlee said...

Of course you would be my first blogger friend! I know, it feels a bit silly but at least we can be pen pals! Your Blog should be called "deep thoughts by Jill Parkinson". Do you really know how amazing you are at writing? Have you ever thought about writing a book? no really..
It was nice to catch up on the latest with your fam..
I know these are hard times for you and the immediate family. Its the hardest to be on the outside seeing the heartache and suffering among the siblings. I am here to provide comfort and support! Let me know if you need anything.. you still need me to babysit for Lotoja?

Gina said...

I found you, but I already knew you were wonderful!

c jane said...

What a lovely post to read. Really made me happy for you and me somehow.

Shall I meet you sometime when I am up stealing treats from Brooke's house?