Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lucky Me, Loving You

Dear Coley,

Last week as I was leaving the house, rushing out the door for an early morning meeting, you came running down the driveway after me.

A bit impatient, I rolled down my window and inquired "What?". You quickly jumped up on the running board and threw your arms around me through the open window. "Hugs!" you simply exclaimed. Do you know that you made me smile all day.

Today I had yet another conversation with the mother of one of your friends. She told me how much her son enjoyed you, what a good friend you are and how she hoped you two were in the same class again next year. I think I've had this same conversation with 4 other moms in the past two weeks. And I'm proud. I'm proud that other parents who I respect, and who are raising good kids, think you are as great as I do.

I love that you easily show affection to your siblings; I love that your teacher emails me to tell me how much she appreciates your sense of humor; I love that you sing in the shower and lolligag in the morning, even though it drives dad crazy; I love that you remember to bring in the garbage cans without being reminded; I love that you wake up happy and that you ask for "mom dates" when you need a little attention.

So often, too often, I fail to tell you what a great kid I think you are and what a fine young man you are becoming. There are so many things you do that make me love you just a bit more each day, if that is possible. And yes, there are a few things you do that drive me crazy too. But I just wanted you to know, I guess I needed you to know that even though I don't always say it, I'm always thinking it, and you kiddo, make me proud.



PS. Sorry if this is a bit squishy---I know you're kind of getting too cool for love notes from mom.


Brooke said...

Congratulations to Cole, too, for getting an award at the "Multi-School Art Express!" I just saw it in the newsletter.

And, okay, Jill-- when are you submitting to Segullah? (PS- I have news!)

Jill said...

I'm still getting my feet wet...besides I don't think I'm spiritual enough for Segullah. Probably a little too rough around the edges for that crowd! :)

Cole said...

man that cole kid is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!