Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Girl Next Door

So, a few nights ago we returned home from the Snow Shack to find a lovely plate of peanut butter cookies left on our front porch. Home-made I might add. I'm a sucker for home-made cookies. Attached was a little blue sticky note that read "Hello from your New Neighbors! Love the XXX Family."

I quickly set my slushie aside and poured a glass of milk so I could enjoy this unexpected surprise. As I chewed, I pondered..."shouldn't it be me who leaves a plate of cookies on the porch saying "Welcome to the Neighborhood."? The cookies were good and somehow that made me feel even more guilty. They were soft, warm even, and had just the right amount of sugar dusted on top. Geez...not only can this new girl cook, but she's completely on the ball. I mean really, who has time to bake home-made cookies just days after moving in?

Here is where I mention that the first time I met my new neighbors I was snooping through their house. This house has been under construction for over a year and I had never, NEVER walked through it during construction. Finally, one day my curiosity got the best of me and I headed over. Imagine my surprise when this cute young family shows up and starts looking around as well. We made small talk and when I mentioned that I hoped the house would sell soon, they politely told me they had just bought it. Yeah! A young family! Yeah! A daughter Rachel's age! Yeah! They're putting in a yard. All is well on Mickelsen Place.

But I digress. So now two months later, they have finally moved in and instead of rolling out the welcome mat, I've become the nosy-neighbor-who-snoops-through-your-house-and-doesn't-welcome-you-with-a-plate-of-cookies, guilt-ridden-girl-who-lives-next-door. Great.

I hope I can make a better, second, first impression. She makes really good cookies.

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