Saturday, November 17, 2007

Simply You

The way you like things 'Just So'
The way your blue eyes Sparkle
The way you Twirl and Cartwheel instead of Walk
The way you sleep with a Water Bottle
The way your Laughter fills our home with Music
The way you sing to yourself in the Shower
The way you Must have a bowl of Ice Cream before Bed
The way you leave Love Notes
The way you Take Care of each of Us
Simply You
Happy Birthday Sweetest Girl!


Melissa said...

Happy Happy Birthday Rachel!!! I remember when she was born...that picture is absolutely beautiful!

Christine said...

Happy birthday old is she now? Her eyes are amazing in that picture, wow..time flies

Brooke said...

i'm teary for sweet rachel.

so is to die for cuteness.

Brooke said...

i can't believe all my errors in the last comment.

ahem. let's try again.

SHE is to die for cuteness.

of course.

Jen Sampson said...

That picture is adorable. She is so dang pretty. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful.