Thursday, November 1, 2007


Yesterday was a great day. Rachel and I spent the morning in the kitchen cooking. "It feels like Christmas!" she kept saying.

Last year on Halloween I had been put down on bed rest. I was nursing a horrific kidney infection, having mild contractions and battling toxemia. I didn't make halloween cookies, I didn't make dinner for my family, I didn't help them carve pumpkins or go trick or treating. Basically I just sat on the couch and felt sorry for my self. Oh and I passed a very large kidney stone. I did do that last Halloween.

What a difference a year makes.

This year, twilight found my children running around the backyard in the almost balmy temperature, and jumping on the trampoline in their costumes. Baby Miles giggled every time he caught his reflection in the mirror. We shared dinner with well loved family and friends. The house was a bustle of activity all night. Clam chowder, carmel apples and chocolate popcorn for twenty. And one bowl of Spaghettios.....for Tony, we ran out of soup....sorry Babe.

I love having people in my home, gathered around my table. I love hearing my mom's laugh at Boo's funny stories. I love that Jamie stopped in to drop something off, and ended up staying for an extra hour, forgetting his car was idling in the driveway.

We ended the evening with the kids sorting through and trading their candy. I am the lucky recipient of all of their tootsie rolls. Then Tony donned his fairy wings and tutu for the 1st Annual DNA Cycling Haunted Halloween Night Ride.

Sometimes we don't appreciate family traditions or our health until they are taken away from us. I have a renewed love and affection for Halloween after completely missing it last year. It may just have something to do with watching the excitement in Miles' eyes as he takes it all in. Oh, how I love this boy!


Rachel said...

Okay - Love, Love Cole's costume. Chick Magnet-Hilarious! Oh, and his t-shirt underneath so funny! He's so Cute. I didn't even recognize Rachel, she looks rough and tough, and Miles looks darling. So fun, I love Halloween! Miss Ya!

Brooke said...

so cute! i saw the chick magnet running all around my neighborhood-- so clever.

Brooke said...

did you make the market street clam chowder? yum.

(and ps- haven't forgotten about the recipes, just being lazy.)

Jen Sampson said...

Your children are beautiful. Do I tell you that on every comment? Loved the costumes. Miles is getting so big, and Rachel looked awesome. I love Coles costume, I told lots of people what he was going to be. I thought it was very clever.

Melissa said...

All of your kids are darling...and I love Cole's costume...very cleaver indeed! Good for Tony for getting in the Halloween spirit. So glad you were able to enjoy Halloween this year!

PS. We saw your brother, John at the Jazz game last night!

bolingbrokes said...

isn't halloween so much better when you can enjoy it? your kids are adorable as usual...Coles costume is a classic..and Rachel is the best lookin football player I have ever is so stinkin cute..nice job the tutu

roderickmom said...

Halloween was just so neat at your house. you are so warm and welcoming.The clam chowder was sooooo good. What a differance a year makes . As always your kids looked so darn cute. That Cole is a chick magnet. Rachel was agreat football player and litlle Miles adorable.Super family!