Sunday, January 6, 2008

Say it Ain't So


Deep Sigh. My baby is walking. I've tried to keep him down, and have discouraged him at every turn, but alas his will has prevailed. Even with a little Benadryl in his system as evidenced in this clip, he is determined to walk..albeit a bit drunk. I hate that he is growing up. Can somebody please tell me how to stop time?


carolyn said...

I knew it wouldn't be long . So cute to watch this little angel boy take his first steps.

Brooke said...

so cute. him and your voice.

and is it wrong that i take comfort in the fact that there are toys on the floor?

Chelle said...

beyond adorable. big smile on my face!

c jane said...

Little Walker with Big Brown Eyes.

whitney said...

Brooke, I too was so happy to see toys scattered about! Made me feel so at home! AS for stopping him from growing, keep mye posted on your cure! He is so sweet and will be tearing your house apart in no time! cute little stinker!

Jill said...

Our youngest will be three in just a few short months. I still (and will always) think of him as my baby, even though he isn't a baby anymore.
I don't want him to stay a baby forever, just a little bit longer.