Thursday, August 5, 2010


Finally finished my year end post on Miles. You can read it here.

I have one written on Blake as well. Just need to find the time to edit and post it.

I'm sad that the craziness of my life has caused my blog to be put on the back burner. I don't imagine anyone is reading this anymore, but I miss having a regular record of our life, even if it's only in short blog entries.

Here's hoping things settle down once the kids start school in two weeks.


Anonymous said...

jill, I used to read your blog consistently, so I am so happy to hear that you plan on updating it more frequently.

good luck balancing your crazy life!


carolyn said...

Jill, I am so glad you are almost back to blogging . You write so beautifully and I love to read the stories of yourlife. Love you, Mom

Natalie said...

Oh, I'm still here for you! Waiting patiently between blog posts!

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