Saturday, July 18, 2009


Outside my Window:  Hot and Breezy.  Did I mention hot?  Actually left the Draper Days parade early because it was easily 100 degrees by 10 am.

I am Thinking:  About my Dad.  I have been thinking about him a lot this past week as we marked the nine month anniversary of his death.  I can't describe how much I miss him.  So much so that it weighs me down...almost in a physical sense.  But as sad as I feel, the truth is I have been so busy lately that I really haven't had time to process all of my emotions.  Tony took me out for late night sushi last night and when we started talking about my dad, the flood gates really opened.  Poor guy.

I am Thankful For:  Sweet Baby Blake.  Happy, Smiling, Cooing, Sweetest Baby Ever.  He is like a soothing balm for my weary soul.  I am so in love with this baby.  What a brilliant bright light he is in my life.  

From the Kitchen:  Having company for dinner.  Cafe Rio...easiest dinner I've made all week.  Wink!  Then off to the park for the fireworks.  

I am Wearing:  Tan linen capri pants.  Light Blue Tee Shirt.  Now known as my favorite t-shirt ever since a complete stranger approached me at dinner last week and told me this shirt really set off my eyes.  Prettiest blue eyes she's ever seen.  Hey, I'll take my compliments where I can find them....even if they do come from complete strangers.  Ha!

I am Creating:  My grocery and to do list for next week.  I've got to get my act together.  Seriously....I should be adjusted to four kids by now.

I am Going:  To take a little nap once this post is finished.  Long night with Blakers last night.

I am Reading:  My RS Lesson for tomorrow on Charity.  And...the new People Magazine.  I bet Jon and Kate were a bit grateful when Micheal Jackson took them out of the spotlight for a few weeks.

I am Hoping:  That Miles will soon decide he's ready to poop on the potty.  Two kids in diapers is killin me.

I am Hearing:  Ah...the sweet sound of silence.  Mr. Blake is asleep and Tony and the kiddos are up at my mom's pool.

Around the House:  Clean...ready for guests.  Cool.  Calm.  Plus Tony hung a new piece in my laundry room today.  Love it.

One of My Favorite Things:  Spontaneous Date night.  Tsunami for Sushi and Red Mango for Dessert.  Time to actually talk to each other, reconnect.  Coming home to four sleeping children and a clean kitchen.  I'm a lucky girl.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week:  Spending three days in Park City with Rachel for Dance Attack.  Lots of Lacrosse for Cole this week before Football starts.  Holiday Weekend next weekend...probably most of it flying solo as Tony completes the final push in training before Leadville.

What are you doing Today?

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