Sunday, March 30, 2008


It's been six long days since we returned from our ten day spring break vacation to Palm Desert. Just yesterday I finally unpacked all of our suitcases. When we woke up to snow this morning, my heart skipped a beat or two.

I admit it, I've got the post vacation blues. The re-entry into real life this week has been a bit difficult. No energy for chores, no motivation to leave my house, still no food in our refrigerator. Hopefully this week will be better.

Yesterday Tony told me he has been checking my blog everyday, waiting for a new entry. Cole and Rach keep telling me I need to blog about different things that are going on...but strangely, I have no words. I can't remember the last time I have been in such a fog.

We did have a wonderful and very relaxing vacation. We are used to spending Easter with my entire family, but this year it was just our little family of five, plus my mom. Quiet, but oh, so nice to have so much quality time together.

Some of the best parts of our week:
  • Rachel received a phone call from her friend telling her that she had won the class election and is now the Class President. Yeah Rach!
  • Tony's sister FINALLY had her baby...sweet little Laura Jane.
  • The smell of citrus blossoms in the air.
  • 90 degrees, blue skies, green grass and spring blossoms at every turn.
  • Our niece Haylee being selected as a principal dancer for Disney's High School Musical 3. 1000 were invited to try out, only eight made the cut! We are so proud. Can't wait to see her on the big screen.
  • Green Shamrock shakes from McDonalds on St. Patty's day.
  • 2 awesome books read poolside
  • Waffles, Whip cream and Fresh Strawberries.
  • California Pizza Kitchen: 3 Times
  • Sweet Corn Tamales
  • Friends in town to join us for Easter Dinner
  • Miles' first Easter Egg Hunt
  • Money filled eggs from Grandma and new snugly pillows
  • Shorts and Sandals
  • Being outside all day, every day.
  • Pedicures with Grandma
  • Cole golfing with his Dad.
  • Cole saving Miles from a near drowning.

There were a few bad things that happened, however:

  • Breaking my foot trying to rescue Miles from his near drowning.
  • Mom having to fly home a day early. Yuck!
  • Rachel scraping up her face, mouth and arms trying to do back-walkovers into the pool.

It seems that no matter how often I spend time in Palm Desert, I am always anxious to return. Lazy, unscheduled days, spent enjoying my kids and laughing with Tony. Many meaningful conversations with my mom and enjoying her taking such good care of me. What's not to love?


Jill said...

It sounds like a fun trip (Except for that foot breaking/near drowning thing) How nice to be somewhere warm!
I'm also sick of the snow. Our daughter burst into tears this morning when she looked outside. "I really don't want it to snow on my birthday!" (her B-day is still 3 weeks away.
Kinda makes me wonder about this global warming thing;0)

Melissa said...

Sounds wonderful...isn't it hard to come back home to this snow? I have been stuck in a fog as well!

What books did you read, any good recommendations?

Natalie said...

I'm jealous. Sounds lovely! (and warm). So glad Miles is safe and sound. Pools+babies=scary! Watch out for summer! Hope your foot heals well.

bolingbrokes said...

Your vacations to palm desert always sound so nice and warm and relaxing, sorry about your foot!

whitney said...

oh, the Desert! Glad you all survived. I, for one, am glad to have you home! Glad you had a great trip....glad you came back!

Dan and Jen Sampson said...

Lucky you to have a nice warm place to go and relax! Hope your foot heals soon.

Rachel said...

I'm in a big fog too- I think mine has to do with the fact that I havn't been anywhere sunny... never again will I go January - March without somewhere warm and tropical planned. I'm glad you had a relaxing time - it sounds fabulous. Lets get together soon!

Brooke said...

yes, what's not to love? i think i'd better go.

Jana said...

If I can get a beautiful tan like you sign me up!!!