Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why do it?

I was a blog stalker long before I became a blog writer. It took me a while to actually get up enough nerve to start my own blog. It just seemed so personal, so raw, so...out there.

The only blog Tony ever read before mine was written by The Fat Cyclist. It's a delightfully witty blog all about cycling. What's not to love right? An entire blog dedicated to epic rides, rating the latest equipment, the best tasting recovery drink, a new found trail, etc. etc. It was easy to see why he was smitten.

So when I started my blog, Tony kept telling me that it wasn't very funny. After all, he was used to Fatty's charm. And frankly, I didn't care. Well, that's not exactly true. Of course I care what he thinks. His opinion matters to me more than anyones'. But in my heart, I felt strongly about the purpose of my blog, and I still do.

There are many reasons for blogging. Some people use it as a sort of scrapbook, some use it as a connection to the outside world; to some it's just the trendy thing to do. It really doesn't matter. But for me, my blog is really just for me. Sure I enjoy connecting with others; I read each little comment, I delight in sharing my world with my friends. But writing my posts has always been more about recording my thoughts and emotions rather than entertaining the masses. I just seem to have so many thoughts rolling around in my brain that writing them out often seems to quiet things down.

That's not to say that all of my posts are profound or even well written. Simply, I want a record of this period of my life. I want to remember certain moments and feelings. I wish I were more prolific in my writing, more consistent. I wish my blog were more complete. My life is filled with abundance and yet, I can't always find the words to express how infinitely blessed I feel. But that's okay. I'll just keep plugging along, writing when the mood strikes me, and remembering my purpose. I am accountable only to myself.

That being said, I have a renewed commitment to document the small and simple things. On several occassions during the past few weeks, my friend Tami has told me how grateful she is that she started a blog. Because of her blog she has taken countless pictures of her baby Joy. Capturing forever her silliness, her messiness, her beauty. What treasures those pictures are now that Joy is gone.

Many of my blogging friends took the challenge this year to post a picture a day. Knowing my personality all too well, and knowing how much I loathed a daily commitment of anything, I quickly dismissed all invitations to jump on the bandwagon.

I have been forever changed by this tragedy in Tami's life, and while I wish there were an alternate ending, I am most grateful for the lessons and feelings I have garnered while at her side. I can't promise a daily post. But this I know for sure: I'm leaving my camera out; ready and waiting to capture small moments, inane images of my family, my life's work.

Enjoy it here.


c jane said...

Your blog is most certainly well-written. That is a statement of fact.

Jana said...

I can relate to your feelings about jumping into this blogging world. I too,was a bit nervous to put myself out there for the world to see. After reading your blog(Which is fabulous) Brooke's blog(fabulous also) and Tami's blog Also very fabulous)I knew it was time to jump on. So thanks for blazing the trail.

Your husband said...

Yes, I did tease you that your blog wasn't funny. However, it has become the one I look forward to reading most. Thirteen years married and yet I feel that I learn more about you in almost every post. I'm lucky to have you Jill ... even if you're not funny.

Chelle said...

Your husband's post made me laugh. Because my husband is the funny one, too. : )

I miss you Jill! Let's get something on the books.

I love your blog. It's perfectly YOU!

Brooke said...

Hey Jill! I loved seeing these pictures. It's a great addition to your very well written blog. I also enjoy looking at my friend Lisa's photo blog. She and her cousin each take a picture a day and post them. The pictures are more abstract that I think I have talent for, but it inspires me. I am a visual person and have thought about making a photo blog myself. You can check out Lisa and Anne's blog at:
I look forward to seeing more of your pictures!

Natalie said...

Can I just say...I LOVE your blog! I think your writing is amazing! I pretend to be as original as you and Brooke are, but, I am not! I totally look forward to each of your posts (and I think your funny!). Keep on keepin' on!

Brooke said...

tony is the funny one. jill is the smart sassy one.

i love your blog and you.

Melissa said...

Jill, your writings are beautiful...I always enjoy reading them. I too, love to blog for myself. I have always enjoyed writing but haven't found many opportunities to do so...blogging is perfect for it.

whitney said...

Jilly, love the pictures and i always love your blog! thanks for being you!
p.s. i think you are very funny!

carolyn said...

Jill,As you know I think you are an amazing writer and I am so glad you blog. It is good for you ina lot of ways and it is good for us that read your blog. I check every day to see if you blog. I have learned alot from you. Thankyou. love you mom

christine said... said it best!! blogs are what we want them to be, for me it is that i have a reason to take pictures and document them. I want my children to have memories that are forgotten in a week.. thanks for sharing your memories, you write them down so well!

Gina said...

That was very inspiring to a really lazy blogger! Maybe I'll actually hit the once a week goal I'd set for myself.