Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Become As A Little Child

The first snowfall of the season arrived the morning of Rachel's baptism. I love the peace, the calm and quiet of a morning storm. The earth was blanketed in clean, white snow and I found it a fitting allegory for the events of the day.

I was at the sink washing lettuce and found two strong arms around my waist. "Mom, I want to fast before my baptism."

I took the opportunity to teach her the proper way to open a fast. But in reality, it was she who taught me, as she humbly asked for help so that she wouldn't feel hungry and that she would feel of His spirit. Children have an amazing way of simplifying things, of sorting through the teachings and reducing it down to all that really matters.

Like Oprah, I believe that love is in the details. So I spent most of the week organizing a beautiful post-baptism luncheon and party for Rachel. My mom helped me plan a fabulous mexican fiesta complete with pink sprinkled sugar cookies carefully cut out to spell Rachel's entire name. From pale pink roses to hand-crafted favor boxes and programs written in Rachel's very own script. One of my girlfriends created a beautiful DVD of pictures from Rachel's first eight years and set it to Primary songs. Another friend hand made a necklace for Rachel bearing her initial.

Cole and Tony's sister gave beautiful talks. Cousins and friends sweetly loaned us their angelic voices. And of course, I am always so very grateful for the soothing tone of Tony's voice as he performs these sacred ordinances.

I had a very difficult time composing myself during the closing hymn "I Know that My Redeemer Lives". Somehow I managed to say the closing prayer and express my sincere gratitude for Rachel's choice spirit and how she blesses our home in so many ways.

The baptism was beautiful. The luncheon, delicious and delightful. But truly the most wonderful part of the day was the strong spirit which was present. How grateful I am for a wise young daughter who invited the spirit in and who truly recognized the significance of the ordinance. Who understands the promises she made and the blessings she will reap by remaining true to her baptismal covenants. That was the most lovely detail of all.


Brooke said...

rachel is such a good girl and she looks beautiful. i really am going to heed her example and pray to not be hungry during my fasts!

carolyn said...

R.achel is a very choice daughter of God. It is a priviledge to be her Grandma and enjoy her bright, happy spirit. love love her

Chelsea_Travis_Baby said...

I cannot believe that Rachel is so grown up. It makes me sad that I have missed out on the past few years, but I am looking forward to spending time with her in two months. Give her my love and congrats on the big achievement and tell her how proud I am of her decision to be baptised. Way to go!

Melissa said...

She really is so beautiful and it seems like it really was a special day...just as it should be!

Rachel said...

These are the kind of days that make us stop to ponder and enjoy our sweet children. What a joy and a blessing they are. She is darling!

Chelle said...

Your Rachel must be a ballet dancer, what a perfect dancer pose she has in that picture-- so precious. This was a lovely recap of what seems a perfect day for your daughter.